My TOP 3 Bookish Posts [Week 5]

Hello my bookish friends!

Finally!!! I’m back with my favorite features on my blog! Yay!

This is just an extension of My Top 5 Book Bloggers and it is purely about my Top 3 favorite bookish posts for this week. 🙂

TOP3 Bookish Posts

* WEEK 5 *


– 1 –

Pick Me Up Playlist || Fun Tag

by Jenna of |Visit the post here

This post is so timely. I mean, January is a very tough month for me already. It feels like all my problems are eating me alive and I’m having trouble falling asleep every night. I just hope this “overthinking habit” of mine will leave me alone, as soon as possible. 

Thank you, Jenna. I enjoy each music on this post and I’m grateful to you for sharing these!


– 2 –

Contemporary-A-Thon Announcement + Challenges | Round Four

by Melanie of |Visit the post here

OMG. I just realized that it’s you again this time! Hahaha. I know I’m late but I’m still so excited to watch your YouTube videos!!!


– 3 –

Day-A-Thon And 24in48 Read-A-Thon TBR

by Misty of |Visit the post here

Looks fun! Good luck on your readathons!!




Don’t forget to visit their bookish posts and stay tuned for Week 6! It might be your bookish blog posts next time. 😉


love, kimberly


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