My TOP 3 Bookish Posts [Week 4]

Hello my bookish friends!

This is just an extension of My Top 5 Book Bloggers and it is purely about my Top 3 favorite bookish posts for this week. 🙂

TOP3 Bookish Posts

* WEEK 4 *

– 1 –

The Challenge that May Save My Wallet and TBR

by LaRonda of | Visit the post here

– 2 –

2019 Reading Challenges

by Melanie of | Visit the post here

– 3 –

Reading Goals |Reading a Shortlist

by Luna of | Visit the post here


Don’t forget to visit their bookish posts and stay tuned for Week 5! It might be your bookish blog posts next time. 😉

Happy new year bookworms!

love, kimberly


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